Your villa Piece of goods Your company Storage of things 3+1 house Intercity transport What you bought from the store Want to donate

Your villa Piece of goods Your company Storage of things 3+1 house Intercity transport What you bought from the store Want to donate

let’s move with our professional moving team

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Move Home

Moving house requires professionalism.

Move Stuff

Let's make good use of your time.

Move Office

Try the corporate service.


Store your belongings with care.

Move Donation

Make your donation, be hope for tomorrow.

Store Delivery

Let's deliver what you bought right away.

We’re here for you

We load, move and deliver everything

Bidüşüntaşın Team

With every move order, 2 powerful professionals certified for a 5-star experience come with our vehicles to suit you. They will do the impossible to load, move and deliver your belongings safely.

Our vehicle types suitable for your goods

Bidüşüntaşın Mini, Bidüşüntaşın Large, Bidüşüntaşın XLarge and Moving Home Truck

Save time and energy

30 minutes or 30 days

Plan or request your move-in order up to 30 days in advance and we'll arrive in as little as 30 minutes.

Fixed price guarantee

You can be sure that the price you see at the time of booking will not change unless there is an additional or erroneous request.

We protect your belongings

Each of your moves is backed by an insurance policy of thousands of liras from the moment we receive your belongings.

Compare Services and Prices

When moving your belongings, do not forget to consider the difference and advantages of Bidüşüntaşın from other moving companies.

Compare Prices with Other Movers

When moving your house, please consider what other movers offer you and what Bidüşüntaş offers you.

How Does Bidüşüntaşın Work?

We make it easy for you to move in 3 steps

Choose your pickup location and destination, choose the size of the vehicle that’s right for you, and when you want us to arrive.

We’ll take it from here. Our moving team comes to load and secure your belongings. You do not carry any items. See you wherever you go!

We unload your items and place them where you want them. With the result of professional moving, you will be happily sitting in your seat when your move is over.

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