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Our products had to be transported urgently for our landscape work. I had a perfect transportation process with the team of Bidüşntaşın. Thanks!
Landscape Architect
A nice transport and storage company that I greeted with "Where have you been before". My belongings were stored with ease. Thanks!
As HDM Group of Companies, we would like to thank the team of Bidüşüntaşın who successfully carried out our office move!
HDM Group of Companies
They successfully carried out the transportation of my garden furniture from Istanbul to Antalya by taking advantage of the partial goods transportation service.
Retired Teacher
I didn't think moving would be this practical. They solve everything with additional package services. That's it!
"What am I going to do with all these things when I'm moving?" While I was thinking, I discovered the Donation Transportation service of Bidüşüntaşın. Endless thanks to Bidüşüntaşın for their donation support!
Human Resources Specialist
When choosing furniture that is the sweet choice of our marriage process We were looking for a fast delivery and solid installation service. Your Thinking Stone overcomes everything.
Civil Engineer
Endless thanks to Bidüşüntaşın, who provided our customers with a positive relocation experience while providing real estate and consultancy services!
Real Estate and Sales Consultant
I wanted to get a corporate shipping service. I had a disciplined moving experience that took into account the pandemic rules. Thank you Bidüşüntaşın!
Computer Engineer