Let’s Move Your Stuff

Used items moving services are a type of service where we deliver the products you have purchased (except for food, flammable materials, liquids) quickly to the location you specify, whether in your store or through the internet. You have done your shopping and you want the delivery of your product. Aren’t you tired of watching the cargo companies from your window and delaying your work all day long? Bidüşüntaşın will make your delivery within the day and time you have determined, so you will not interrupt your work 🙂

Good thing you have Bidüşüntaşın.

Book in 1 minute

Don't waste time searching for a mover for days. You can instantly solve your professional moving needs with Bidüşüntaşın.

Don't even lift your finger

Our Bidüşüntaşın team is working to move all your belongings safely to your destination. Sit back while we move.

Payment by credit card

If you don't have cash, there is the comfort of paying with your credit card. You can even pay in installments.

Let’s move anything you want

We offer piece goods moving service with our suitable vehicles according to the number of your part goods.

If you have a few items of belongings, our Bidüşüntaşın Mini vehicles will be the best solution for you.

If you have more than 5 items, our large vehicles will be the best solution for you.

Why 2nd Hand Goods Transport Service

In metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, it can be quite difficult to transport goods from point A to point B with a private vehicle. Especially if you are working hard and you want to buy the second hand goods to your home, office, etc. You can choose the 2nd hand goods transport services of Bidüşntaş to transport them to places such as All you have to do is to determine the time after specifying where your goods will be picked up and where they will be delivered. Then, your second-hand goods that you bought will be delivered to the location by Bidüşüntaş.

What are the Prices of Used Items Moving?

As Bidüşüntaşın, we offer you the service of transporting second-hand goods, both quickly and safely. At the same time, you can create a second-hand goods transport request instantly from our website, and you can make your payment by credit card or in cash.

Your moving list is prepared for you

Moving is both stressful and professional. We are here to make your moving and storage as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Here are 2 tips to make your moving and storage even more practical:

Disassemble larger items

Please disassemble your large items as much as possible so that we can safely transport your items throughout your home and save you time.

Pack your stuff

Before we arrive, make sure all your belongings are securely packed and ready to move in.

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