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Intercity House Moving Service with Bidusintasin

Bidüşüntaş provides not only domestic but also intercity home delivery services. If you want detailed and healthy work to be provided in your intercity house-to-house relocation transactions, you are at the right address.

Thousands of families preferred to move from home to home between cities, in favor of Bidüşntaş. If you want to take advantage of our intercity home delivery service; You can leave your request by clicking the get price button on our address.

How to do Intercity Home-to-Home Moving?

Step 1

  • Intercity house-to-house relocation operations first start with creating a demand for Bidüşüntaş.
  • Our appraisal team examines your belongings at your current address on the day and time you request and keeps a report on the move.

Step 2

  • The team and packaging materials suitable for your belongings are determined.
  • If the moving date is clearly stated by you, the appropriate vehicle will be determined according to your belongings specified in the report.

Step 3

A feasibility study is done after all the details of your intercity house-to-house transportation process are learned. A special price offer is created for you.

Step 4

  • If you approve our price offer, you will be presented with a special insurance policy and a transport contract for moving.
  • Vehicle departure dates and arrival dates to your new address are indicated to you. (You will be informed about the arrival times of our vehicles at your new address, taking into account possible technical problems).
  • Your belongings are delivered to your new address and the procedures specified in the appraisal report are applied.

Not Included in The Service

Piano Moving

It is packed with special packaging materials in order not to break the tunings during the moving of the piano; If necessary, it should be transported with a modular (outside) elevator.

Safe Moving

Safe moving is a special transportation service and it is necessary to be informed before moving. We prepare the appropriate equipment and carry out your safe moving.

Outside Elevator Service

If you need to move to your new home with an external elevator, it is necessary to inform and create a modular outdoor elevator service request. In this way, you will disturb your new neighbors less.

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