Frequently asked Questions


In order to provide services in the field of turnkey moving, house-to-house moving, storage, packaging, customs clearance, logistics; is a reliable, meticulous, solution-oriented digital platform that proactively provides technological infrastructures to individual and corporate (real person, legal person) customers who need transportation and storage, in a multidisciplinary structure.

Is it necessary to submit a form to call Bidüşüntaşın?

Yes, in order to make a request through Bidüşüntaş, you must fill in the information in the form correctly and completely and send it to us. If you wish, you can send your request by calling our Customer Services (0850 305 98 96).


By offering additional services with its professional personnel created for transportation and storage; You should use Bidüşüntaşın to get a stress-free and pleasant service by providing ease of use of mobile elevators, installation service, cleaning service, locksmith service, assembly and disassembly service, insured moving process, free appraisal service.

How can I create a reservation?

Login to our website and click the GET PRICE button. After you fill in the fields suitable for you, our Customer Service will forward the necessary information to you.

What are the advantages of BİDÜŞÜNTAŞIN?

Bidüşüntaşın aims to meet their needs in the best way by producing solutions for both individual and corporate users. It provides customers with ease of payment by credit card. Bidüşüntaşın’s price policy is calculated by opening fees according to vehicle capacities and a vehicle type-specific multiplier on the basis of kilometers. In this way, you will be protected from additional fees and changing prices after the transportation process.

Does Bidüşüntaşın do out-of-town transportation?

Yes, Bidüşüntaşın provides out-of-town transportation service for you. Before your moving day, a team is formed by determining the most suitable vehicle for you with a free appraisal service. We offer a hassle-free service with all our solution centers to get you from point A to point B.

When can I order?

You can make a reservation for the transportation service at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.